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Readers unhappy with school transfer rules

The Madera Tribune gathered the following comments online about articles in the Trib and other local happenings.

Transfer rules

Readers discussed the lack of change in Madera’s high school transfer rules despite shifts by the California Interscholastic Federation.

  • “Donna Allen-Foster” wrote, “I don’t like this rule. If you transfer for other reason, your kids get punish. The school boundaries are so messed up.”

  • “Va Nes Sa” wrote, “This is just ridiculous in my eyes. They act like kids are constantly going back and forth. But even if that were the case, it’s not them. It’s the parents. So why are kids being ‘punished’ and having to sit out? Here we are trying to encourage our youth to get involved in extra curricular activities to refrain from going out and getting into trouble in the streets, yet they do these kinds of things? Doesn’t make any sense, like what is the purpose of having them sit out? What is the school getting or not getting from it?”

  • “Chamelle String” wrote, “Exactly. It’s not happening too much in our district, but it isn’t fair. It would be a different story if the student-athlete transferred more than once, but that isn’t even the issue. Already, the schools are a mile apart! LOL. The boundaries are all messed up too. This rule will make some student-athletes want to quit the sport that they’re playing. If the parent(s) got a better job elsewhere, out of the district, the student will suffer and that’s the main thing that sucks about it. That student will suffer the consequence, especially if they’re an athlete. That’s the CIF for ya! It happened to one of our star athletes at Madera High. She had to sit out the whole year at the new school she moved to.”

  • “Va Nes Sa” wrote, “Yeah, it’s insane. They may not realize it and think, ‘Well, it’s only one year.’ But guess what, in that year these kids become distracted because something they love to do is being withheld. So they go and find something else to do with their time, not always good, just so they can pass that time since they’re having to sit out anyway.”


Readers cheered news of the remodeling of Round Table Restaurant on Howard Road.

  • “Rodonna Lynn Betts” wrote, “Congrats on the remodel! Can’t wait to see it!”

  • “Geri St Lucia” wrote, “Looking forward to seeing the remodel! It was needed!”

  • “Barbara Leach” wrote, “Yay for Round Table!”

Cornhole tourney

  • “Dawg Pound League Cornhole” wrote, “Cornhole Fundraiser make Sports Section in the The Madera Tribune! Look at all these great action shots! Thank you Madera Coyotes Football for letting us run an awesome fundraiser! (It) brought friends and families together for a fun night. Credit (to) Tyler Takeda, the #1 sports writer in the Valley!”

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “Yosef Fares is definitely a guy that’s all in!”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — “Tony Montero” commented on a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union against Madera County supervisors for allegedly violating state open meeting laws. He wrote, “Also, all discussions of new cannabis laws and events should be public forum, not in jurisdiction city clerks or non-official offices.”

  • Rant and rave — Madera police arrested a registered sex offender, Michael Bland, Monday after he entered an apartment complex laundry room containing a mother and 8-year-old son, locked the door, turned off the lights, and grabbed her son, taking him outside. The mother struggled with him and was struck before he let the boy go. “Richelle Rodriguez” wrote, “Good. Keep him off the streets for a long, long time. He doesn’t deserve to be out.”

  • Rave — “Michelle Niewohner” reacted to news that Madera police officers and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California were taking a group of area kids to Monterey Bay Aquarium this past Wednesday. She wrote, “Safe travels. MBA is so amazing! The kids are going to love it!”

  • Rave — The Tribune shared news of a free Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California youth soccer clinic starting at 8 a.m. Aug. 5 at Sunrise Rotary Park, next to Millview School. “Diane P. Phakonekham” wrote, “Thank you for your support … We truly appreciate The Madera Tribune!”

  • Rave — “Jesse Lomeli Jr.” echoed an online recommendation by Madera police that Maderans use to connect with neighbors. He wrote, “Not bad for keeping updated on your neighborhood.”


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