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Some weekly food box giveaways may end

Courtesy of Madera County Food Bank

Madera County Food Bank features new door and window designs provided by Andy’s Sports & Designs. State funding for the food bank’s weekly food giveaways will end Aug. 1.


This article updated July 28, 2017.

Madera County Food Bank’s weekly food box giveaways may become less frequent or stop entirely after state funding ends Aug. 1.

The boxes were provided by a soon-to-expire California drought relief program, according to the food bank, which plans to continue with free food giveaways in August “and possibly the first two weeks in September.”

The exact dates and locations of these final giveaways have not yet been announced.

"The program that is ending is the DFAP program," clarified Ryan McWherter, food bank executive director. "This is the Food Box giveaways that we have every Friday at the parks. This does not affect any of our Senior Programs. It does not affect our Emergency Box Program. It does not affect our Commodity Box Program. It does not affect our CAP Program."

The food bank has hosted food giveaways “almost every Friday somewhere in Madera County” since 2014. Madera, Chowchilla, Fairmead, Raymond, Coarsegold, Oakhurst and the La Vina area have all been sites for them.

For information, contact Madera County Food Bank at 225 S. Pine St. or by calling 674-1482.


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