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Alleged school predator still on payroll

Madera South High teacher drawing pay and benefits

A Madera South High School teacher accused of sexual misconduct with a student is drawing near to his first anniversary of drawing full pay and benefits after being removed from the classroom.

Ruben Castrejon was placed on paid administrative leave in May 2016 after renewed allegations that he perpetrated illegal sexual improprieties against a former MSHS student.

Madera police investigated the allegations in 2016 and turned the case over to District Attorney David Linn, who told the Tribune he could not press the case because the statute of limitations had expired. Former Madera Unified School District superintendent Ed Gonzalez met at least twice with Linn to discuss the district’s options.

At the time of his departure from MUSD, Castrejon remained uncharged and in receipt of his pay and benefits.

Board President Al Galvez and Interim Superintendent Todd Lile both acknowledged at Tuesday night’s school board meeting that Castrejon was still on administrative leave.

The 2016 investigation of Castrejon came after several years of relative silence in the school district. The spotlight was once again thrown on the teacher when former Madera South teacher Leslie Swan renewed her charges against Castrejon at the May 24, 2016, school board meeting.

Police reports show that Castrejon was the subject of investigations in 2007 and 2012 for illegal sexual activity with students. These cases hit a dead end when the victims refused to cooperate. By 2016, however, two former MSHS students identified Castrejon as the perpetrator of sexual crimes.

Castrejon began his employment with MUSD in 1998. He taught regular Spanish classes and a class for native speakers. In 2014, Castrejon earned $100,848.48 in pay and benefits, according to Transparent California.

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