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Madera police seek suspect in string 
of local burglaries

Madera Police are continuing their search for the suspect in a series of burglaries that took place within just hours of each other.

Madera Police Det. Sgt. Johnnie Smith said the burglaries Sunday morning occurred in three stores. Surveillance footage led police to suspect the same person committed at least two of the robberies.

“It appears to be the same guy, an adult male, either white or Hispanic, we’re not sure,” Smith said. “So basically, his MO is to smash the window, and go in and take stuff. We don’t have anybody identified at this time.”

The burglaries, Smith said, began at 2 a.m. with GBS Hardware at 1808 Howard Road. The store’s owner, Dennis Smith, realized he had been burglarized when he came to his store at 5:30 that morning, and called the police upon seeing the windows smashed.

“The best we could hope for is to get the merchandise back,” Smith said.

According to Smith, the suspect stole six power tools from his store, valued at $1,200. He also damaged a $300 barbecue in the process.

At 3 a.m., another robbery occurred, this time at the Home Depot store at 2155 N. Schnoor Ave. A third burglary took place at the Platt Electric Supply store on 3375 Yeager Road.

The locations of the burglaries, Smith said, indicate that all three could easily be the same person.

“There’s a path. If you went from GBS down Howard Road, and then turned on Schnoor Avenue, and started going south on Schnoor, you’d hit Home Depot,” Smith said. “And then from Home Depot, you can get back onto Avenue 16 and go left, and get over to Airport Drive. There’s a route there that you could take to get to all three of those places in a row.”

Those with information on the burglaries are encouraged to contact the Madera Police Department at 675-4274.


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