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Creativity — the divine gift to everyone

“Have we not all one Father? Hath not one God created us all.” — Malachi 2:10

The beauty that is created for all the world to enjoy is the expression of God seeking recognition and expressing itself through us. The God of my understanding is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe and it expresses itself through the thoughts and actions of man.

In order to give the inner soul the nourishment it needs, there has to be the beauty of color, the beauty of joy, the beauty of love for other people and with the combination of those traits you have the dimensions for a joyful life.

The real beauty is in the people who bring to reality the art, the paintings, the great books, the great operas, the sculptures, the architects of buildings, and all other creative ventures that have brought beauty to our world.

Every being on this planet has a special talent they are capable of bringing forth when the trust in this Creative Intelligence is at the forefront of their thoughts.

There are times when we think we can do it all on our own and it only leads to discouragement and disappointment. The talents we were created with are divine gifts from this Creative Intelligence, and knowing how to make it a reality is through the thoughts and ideas we get from this Creative Intelligence.

When we get quiet and listen to the inner voice, then the “how to do it” becomes very clear to us. It does not have to be only art, paintings, operas, or other things of beauty that create the nourishment of food for the soul. It can be creating something that makes life a joy for others who benefit from what has been created through the ideas one gets from this Creative Intelligence.

I worked as a mechanic on heavy construction equipment back east, and the design of some of the equipment made it easier to operate and get the job done. Most of the jobs required a forklift to unload materials needed on the job. The only time the forklift was used was when a truckload of material came to the job; the rest of the time the forklift sat idle. It cost the job an hourly rate for the forklift to just sit but it was needed on the job each time a load of material was delivered.

One of the mechanics I worked with got the idea to design and build a set of forks that could be quick connected and disconnected to the bucket of a front-end loader. The idea worked great and soon an equipment company started producing the quick-connect forks for different size front end loaders, so the hourly rate paid for a fork lift to just sit most of the time was eliminated.

My friend who got the idea and built the first set of forks did not apply for a patent, so he did not get anything for the idea. The whole idea was not for money, but to make it easier on the company to not have to pay an hourly rate for a piece of equipment to sit 90 percent of the time.

There are times when we contribute to other people and never expect anything. But we feed our own souls by giving. My friend did not expect anything so he didn’t feel he lost anything. When we can give of ourselves to help others in their everyday activities and don’t expect anything in return, then we are allowing this Creative Intelligence to express through us and others and to recognize the Creative Intelligence in action through our creativity.

When the creative ideas come through to us and we act on those ideas, then we are using the talent we were created with to help others. This Creative Intelligence is the source of all of our good and the more we recognize the good, the more good comes to us through our creative ability that is the divine gift from the Intelligence I know as God.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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