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A look at what Measure K really means

There have been some questions regarding Measure K and what it exactly means.

Measure K is a half-cent sales tax, meaning 50 cents will be added for every $100 spent. This may not sound like a lot of money; however these funds will pay to add on-duty police officers, crime prevention programs, non-sworn positions at the police department, an additional fire station, ladder truck and additional fire fighters.

Some have expressed concerns that there is no sunset date and the funds could be used for additional needs other than public safety.

The sunset date was considered, but being that the vast majority of Measure K is to fund 13 new police personnel and additional fire personnel, it does not seem wise to hire officers and firefighters, only to lay off the employees a few years later.

When considering the use of public funds one must analyze who has the fiduciary responsibility with the public’s money. Ultimately that responsibility falls in the hands of the city council members.

I have been with the City of Madera for nearly 12 years. During my years of employment, I have been a Madera Police Officer’s Association board member and have worked closely with many city leaders. I have always been impressed with the outlook of the city council and the city administration. We all share the same objective, which is to keep Madera safe and progress forward as a city.

With Measure K, the city council, and city administration have agreed to use the funding for public safety and they have not demonstrated any behavior that would make me think they would use it differently. Prior to supporting any tax measure, I must first trust my city leaders, and I have full trust in the current City of Madera leadership and counsel.

The misspending of the funds would affect nobody as directly as it would my fellow officers. I have full faith, knowing personally each and every city leader, that the funds will be spent responsibly and as promised.

I have the utmost confidence that our elected city council members will make the proper choices regarding the spending of the Measure K funds, and I encourage all of you to vote yes on Measure K.

— Brent Cederquist

MPOA Vice President

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