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Voter registration is due Monday

Madera County residents who wish to vote in the Nov. 8 consolidated presidential general election will need to register by Monday, according to authorities.

To be eligible to register, one must be a U.S. citizen who lives in Madera County and will be 18 years old on or before Election Day. Registered voters who have moved, changed their name, or wish to change their political party must re-register by Monday, said Rebecca Martinez, Madera County clerk recorder and registrar of voters.

Voter registration cards are available at the county clerk’s office, local post offices, or local libraries. The county clerk’s office will be open until 7 p.m. Monday to accept registration forms.

Residents can also register to vote online at or

For information, call the Elections Division at 675-7720 or toll free at (800) 435-0509. Si desea información en Español, llame a 675-7720 o (800) 435-0509.

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