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New county librarian hard at work

Madera County has a new librarian. Pennsylvania native Patrick Fitzgerald joined Madera County this spring, replacing Ellen Mester, who retired earlier this year.

Fitzgerald oversees the operations of the Madera County Library and its four satellite branches in Chowchilla, Madera Ranchos, North Fork and Oakhurst, managing staff and volunteers at all facilities.

“We’re very glad to have Patrick on board as our new county librarian. His dedication to serving rural library systems makes him a natural fit for Madera County, and we look forward to the work he will do for our communities,” said Eric Fleming, Madera County chief administrative officer.

Fitzgerald looks forward to bolstering the library system’s children’s programs and adult programs through book clubs, readings and continuing education activities. While a relative newcomer, Fitzgerald is already impressed by local community involvement in the county’s libraries...


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