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Drivers show mastery in Vukovich Classic

While being in the front of the race is an ideal spot to be, it also comes with great responsibility for the first-place driver.

They are not only setting the pace of the main but those drivers also have to worry about where the closest car is, getting around possible lapped traffic and not doing anything that is going to cause damage to their automobile as the race goes on.

In an event that honored late local legends who had spent a lot of time leading their races, current drivers in the Vukovich Classic knew what it took to not only get in the front but keep that position all the way to the finish line on Saturday night at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

On an evening that remembered the late Bill Vukovich along with sons Bill II and Billy III, it was Cody Gerhardt (BCRA Midgets), Eric Humphries (Winged Sprints), Justin Tuey (360 Super Modifieds), Robbie Knittel (Twisted Tea Open Modified), DJ Hamilton (USAC HPD Midgets) and Denny Burell (NCMA Sprints) who all combined to lead for a total of 165 main laps out of 180 on “The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West”...

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