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Madera South High hosts annual spelling bee

January 26, 2018

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune
Howard School third-grader Kaylee Ramirez, takes a selfie with her mom, Erika Galvan after winning a Madera Unified School District spelling bee for her grade level Monday evening.

MUSD 2018 Spelling Bee Winners


Top five Winners listed first -fifth place:

First Graders

1. Joshua Cardona-Jose from Monroe Elementary

2. Edgar Hernandez-Ortiz from Rose Elementary

3. Amariah Ruiz from Adams Elementary

4. Leah Zuniga from Lincoln Elementary

5. Brianna Ayala from Millview Elementary

Second Graders

1. Caden Warden from Berenda Elementary

2. Kyleigh Regal from Lincoln Elementary

3. Valentina Lara-Tapia from Eastin Arcola School

4. Daniel Cervantes from Howard School

5. Evelyn Zamora from Dixieland School

Third Graders

1. Kaylee Ramirez from Howard School

2. Ekampreet Grewal from Lincoln Elementary

3. Michael Garcia from Rose Elementary

4. Alan Bahena from Adams Elementary

5. Jacob Arvisu from Chavez Elementary

Fourth Graders

1. Brooklyn Lopez from Parkwood Elementary

2. Robert Mena from Lincoln Elementary

3. Cristian Ruiz from Monroe Elementary

4. Abriana Vasquez from Millview Elementary

5. Mara Cervantes from Berenda Elementary

Fifth Graders

1. Hugo Santiago from Pershing Elementary

2. Brissa Mares-Santamaria from Eastin Arcola School

3. Diego Altamirano from Dixieland School

4. Marilyn Vasquez from Sierra Vista Elementary School

5. Maleah Summer from Chavez Elementary

Sixth Graders

1. Jacqueline Bolanos from Pershing Elementary

2. Stephen Gomez from Lincoln Elementary

3. Leslie Melgoza from Sierra Vista Elementary

4. Suad Taha from Adams Elementary

5. Donovan Guglielmana from Eastin Arcola School


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