Readers blast litter and downtown

October 27, 2017

For The Madera Tribune

Waylon Edward Hatcher shared this view of the store Fallas Paredes taken around 6:30 p.m. Oct. 17. “I didn’t find out what caused the fire,” he said. “After the fire was extinguished, I picked up my kids from church and there were fire teams and PG&E still on site.”

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Madera mess?

Many nostalgic Facebook users shared frustrations about the city of Madera, particularly its lack of cleanliness and its changed downtown. Below are samples.


  • “Joy Sniffin” wrote, “Madera has good memories for me until I go back there. It’s ugly, dirty, all closed down … Something is wrong. It’s the leaders folks! Enjoy your mess. We live in a beautiful little town in South Carolina now. I do miss some people who I know and love. Most have moved away too.”

  • “Stacey YaYa Ayala” wrote, “Well good for you, hun! I’ve lived in beautiful Denver and I came back, because this ugly dirty mess is my hometown and I love it! I’m sad you feel that way and if you feel so strongly about it you should call and report it, or maybe just enjoy yourself in South Carolina.”

  • “Diana Ramirez” wrote, “You know I do agree with you. Downtown is never picked up! But I wish the city would use that money all residents pitch in to use the street sweeper more often! People are still nice. We all have great memories.”

  • “Jesse Rodriguez” said he’d moved to Kansas nearly 13 years ago but visited a park in Madera this summer. He wrote, “It was a shock! The park was filthy, trash everywhere! In fact, there was trash everywhere (in) the streets and the highways! … My wife, my kids and I starting to pick up the trash that was all over the park (and) people would just stare at us! How about you guys take the extra initiative and help clean and keep your city cleaned? … Don’t get me wrong. I love Madera. That’s my true home.”

  • “Ron Perez” wrote, “Not only dirty but driving through town it’s like driving through a third world country. Dirty, building condition, no city standards on how businesses should maintain their buildings and the sidewalks in front of their business.”

  • “Terry Lujan” wrote, “I so agree with you, Ron and Joy. Madera is a dirty mess and they target a very few but leave the mess … Plan on leaving soon, never to look back.”

  • “Emily Dingman” wrote, “I was raised in Madera and have been gone 22 years now. Last time I visited, I have to be honest I was shocked by the trash everywhere. And the grocery carts just strung around.”

  • “Linda Adair” wrote, “This is all so sad and upsetting. You city leaders, get yourselves together and take some pride in your job, and in your town! There are a lot of things that you can do. The mayor of Albuquerque has a program that uses the homeless to clean up the city. He pays them minimum wage, and I gives them a free sack breakfast and lunch. It cleans up the town, and gives them a little pride in themselves and their work. It also lets them on the list for low-income housing.”

  • “Kerri Rudd Rodriguez” wrote, “How about everyone who lives in Madera volunteer a Saturday or a Sunday a few hours of your time makes a huge difference. Go around and pick up the trash, help landscape or, gardening, volunteer and help paint and restore.”

  • “Debra Winger” wrote, “My hubby is retiring next year from the Army (and) we will be moving back home (to Madera after 21 years away). I have gone home over the years and I agree it is sad how much it has changed. But instead of just going on and insulting, how about being prepared to have ideas and maybe a plan of how to help? That is what I hope to do.”

  • “Russell Spink” wrote, “Growing up in Madera in the ‘60s and ‘70s was a great time. As with everything called progress, changes came about that weren’t so appealing. Downtown emptied out as the merchants fell prey to the big chain stores and the whole dynamics of Madera underwent big changes as time marched on. It is no longer the quaint little town I grew up in.”


Rants and raves


  • Rant — A letter by Bill Hoffrage defending President Trump’s proposed tax cuts prompted “Joel Lanoie” to respond, “The middle class can afford to get a tax cut. It’s the rich and corporations who do not need tax relief. It’s a perpetuated myth that slashing taxes spurs economic growth; if you want to spur economic growth, then why aren’t you talking about raising wages for the middle class? Productivity in the workforce has steadily risen for the last 30 years; however, wages have remained stagnant. Also, please explain to me why the GOP needs to eliminate the Estate Tax as part of Trump’s proposed tax reform?”

  • Rave — “Maria Felix” and “Silvia Lomeli” rated the Tribune online as 5 out of 5 stars. “Maria Felix” wrote, “Love their work, involvement, and community passion!”

  • Rave — The Tribune recently profiled Pistoresi Ambulance online. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Monte (Pistoresi) and family are the best. Love them. Very special people. God bless.” In response to a bid for Madera County supervisor by Madera Unified School District board president Al Galvez, she wrote, “We need a change that is for sure. Not sure what the answer is but need a change.”

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