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Those versatile sausages

Silar, Wikimedia Commons

Sausages are popular all over the world, and are available in a great variety of types and flavors.


One of the things I like about sausages of any kind is their versatility. There are so many to choose from that most of us don’t have any trouble picking a favorite or two (or more).

When I was growing up in our town of Gilroy, we had an Italian family that owned a bakery, deli and grocery store combined. They were most famous for their French and Italian breads that were baked in a clay or brick oven. I could never duplicate that bread with my home oven.

Their deli included many sausages, but my favorite was called biroldo. This will probably sound horrible to most readers, but it was a blood sausage. It was available plain (yet well seasoned) or with pine nuts and raisins.



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