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Police respond to schools threats

The Madera Police Department responded to 911 calls from Nishimoto Elementary School, Desmond Middle Schools and Matilda Torres High School and determined the school was safe.

According to the Madera Police Department, Officers responded to the schools after a subject called 911 and mentioned someone at the school with a gun. Officers quickly responded and staff at the schools locked down the students in their rooms. The schools were searched, and all students were safe.

Madera PD thought the call was a criminal prank, but says they will always respond and treat the situation as real, until proven otherwise.

Madera Unified School District released the following statement Tuesday.

“We have received reports of a 911 call to law enforcement of a possible threat to Nishimoto Elementary, Desmond Middle School and Matilda Torres High School that caused a high degree of attention. As a precaution, law enforcement has responded to all three schools to ensure safety. We have determined that there was no immediate threat while students were on campus. MUSD administration is working closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure all threats are taken seriously and handled with appropriate care, including legal and disciplinary measures. Our number one priority is the safety of all students. All school activities will continue as normal.”

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