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Opinion: Class reunion time

Looking at the calendar, it’s hard to believe it has been 50 years since I ditched class. Even harder to believe is that it has been 52 years since I got suspended from school for getting caught smoking in the girl’s room. It reminds me of a song about boys committing the same crime, with the chorus being “Cuz everybody knows that smoking ain’t allowed in school.”

This fall the Madera High School Coyote class of 1973 will celebrate 50 years since graduation. There will be a golf game on September 15. Call David Boyle, 674-8508, for details.

The following night, September 16 at the Madera Elk’s Lodge, the class will gather for hors d’oeuvres and dancing to the Skydogs. The Skydogs is a local band featuring Coyotes from the Madera High School music department.

We’ve invited our band director Mike Henshel to attend.

Plans are to invite some fabulous musicians from the 1970s to sit in with the band.


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