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Letters: Tired of Democrats screwing up lives

In a recent letter to the Tribune, Chuck Wieland makes some interesting points concerning the Republican Party and its self-proclaimed leader, Donald Trump. I am a registered Republican and have voted for Trump in the last two elections, and I believe that despite all of his faults, he was still a far superior candidate to what the Democrats had to offer — Clinton and Biden. Two politicians who have been scamming the American citizens for way too long. I do not believe in everything Trump or the Republican Party have done and do not consider myself to be a “Trumper.” However I will support him if he is the nominee as the Democrat agenda is designed to destroy America and drive us to socialism or Communism. The last 2 1/2 years have been a disaster for America and we can’t allow this to continue.

I do not know for sure, but I do believe Chuck is a Democrat, and in typical fashion blames our country’s problems on Trump and the Republicans, refusing to state the misgivings of the people he helped elect. It’s always Trump’s fault or they inherited the problem from the previous administration. I almost found it comical when he was talking about decency, accountability and democracy. Since Chuck or the Democrats won’t talk about their failures I will point out a few things they have done in their goal to destroy America and American citizens.

Record inflation caused by decisions made by Biden. Continual support of the war in Ukraine while ignoring America’s needs. Disastrous border enforcement leading to drug problems and criminal activity. Their continued support for killing babies even up to time of birth or even after.


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