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Help those suffering from the California Fire disasters

Madera is a community of helpers and givers.

During the Creek Fire two years ago, The Madera Tribune accumulated donations from our community that totaled $4,613. These donations were given to the American Red Cross to help those families who had been devastated by a fire very close to the community of Madera.

This year, Robert Schu-mann of the Central Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross has set up a microsite for The Madera Tribune, to continue to help people affected by disasters.

The Red Cross of Central California is currently responding to the Oak Fire in Mariposa County, and also the McKinney Fire in Northern California, which is now the state’s largest blaze this year.

Through the Tribune’s microsite, one can donate directly to the American Red Cross for various causes, including the Western Wildfires.

The link for The Madera Tribune’s microsite for American Red Cross is:

Donors choosing the Western Wildfires’ “pulldown menu” on the microsite are supporting the Oak Fire in Mariposa County (winding down), the McKinney Fire in Northern California, as well as any “Western Wildfire.”

There are several choices on this site for donating to other disasters helped by the Red Cross, and selecting the “Your Local Red Cross” “pulldown” keeps donations locally.

Thank you for your donations to the American Red Cross through The Madera Tribune.


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