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Be a friend to have a friend

Most of us value the friendships we have. It’s important in our society to have friends. The idea of having friends is not a recent concept. As we look back into history, as far back as we know, there have been mention of friendships among people.

If you have ever studied hieroglyphics (which I have not), you will find that the pictures found on the walls of caves show people interacting with each other, indicating a relationship such as a friendship. 

Having a friend, or having friends, usually means we don’t have to bear burdens alone. We have someone upon whom we can “unload” our feelings. A friend can be what is known as a “sounding board,” which is a term someone developed long ago to mean you can say virtually anything to a friend, and that friend (assuming that person is a TRUE friend) will not change an affection for you.


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