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Attack of the chicken eaters

Chicksnatural, Wikimedia Commons

Rotisserie chickens roast and turn, soon to be scooped up by hungry shoppers.


The day before writing this, my husband and I had to go to a city for our Subaru’s lifetime service appointment. As long as we were there, we decided that afterward we would hit Sam’s Club for the restocking of groceries.

I knew that by the time we got home and unloaded the car and put everything away, I would not have much time to make a decent dinner. So, while at the store, we headed over to where the rotisserie chickens are cooked and packaged. There were none (of course) in the warming bin, but when I returned a little while later, I was told I only had five minutes to wait. I am beginning to think that perhaps the store should have customers take a number, in order to avoid the mad dash to snag one or more of the roasted birds.

An employee came out, holding two at a time, and there were people grabbing them before she could even set them down. Then they would come back and grab the next two, and so on. I wondered what people needed so many for, unless maybe that is all they eat day after day.



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