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Anxiety, depression, and love

Our world has changed so much in the past decade. Many of us consider some of the changes to be negative, and that concerns us a great deal. Yet, it is how we react to change that makes our world so difficult. Change is inevitable, and we must accept the fact that change must happen. A few people (very few) accept change well, but most of us have a tough time when it comes to change. In fact, very often people get anxious and angry when they have to modify life as they know it.

Anxiety rears its ugly head in various ways and at various times, and not only because of change. Recently, I was talking to a friend who is a veteran, and he said that sometimes anger and anxiety come from “nowhere.” This causes a great deal of trouble with friends and family, and often they cannot understand this anxiety.

I believe there is too much depression and anxiety in our society today. Most of us do not have the tools or experience to be able to understand what’s up with people who have issues that create such havoc with others. I think even those who are trained to analyze folks still are baffled by reactions of those who get out of control.


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