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All-Madera Tribune Boys Basketball Team

Tyler Takeda/The Madera Tribune

Liberty guard Carson Stephens was the unquestionable leader of the Liberty Hawks boys basketball team. He led the team in scoring and could score any way possible — shooting the 3-pointer, driving the lane or hitting the mid-range jumper. He is The Madera Tribune’s Boys Basketball Most Valuable Player.


Most Valuable Player

Carson Stephens, Guard Jr. Liberty

He could do it all on the basketball court. The definite leader of the Liberty 7. He had to play most of the game due to a really small bench that got even smaller as the year went on (from 8 to 7). He was the team’s leading scorer and did it in many ways. He could drive to the lane, hit the pull-up jumper and hit the 3-pointer. He also helped set up Ryan Hickman for his dead-eye shooting. Stephens was a first team All-North Sequoia League selection.

The Team

Quaid Copher, Forward Sr. Liberty

Copher got the responsibility to guard the opposing team’s best player. He was content with playing good defense, getting rebounds and doing what needed to be done to get a win. He could also shoot and could score in double-figures each night. However, if he scored a lot, that also meant that Stephens or Hickman was struggling so it wasn’t often. He was so well-known for his defensive capabilities that he was named the NSL’s Defensive Player of the Year. He is also a three-time All-Madera Tribune selection, as well as earning All-Tribune honors in baseball.

Ryan Hickman, Guard Sr. Liberty

Hickman was the team’s sharpshooter. Sitting behind the 3-point line, he took advantage when the defense sucked in to defend Stephens’ drives. However, because of Hickman’s sharp shooting from 3-point land, it allowed Stephens extra room on the inside. He was a second team All-NSL honoree.

Noah Scribner, Forward Jr. Liberty

Scribner is one of those players that does the dirty things. He picks up rebounds, boxes out and helps out the other players. Scribner took advantage when Stephens drew defenses to him and got the easy bucket, but he knew he was on the court for his rebounding and offensive put backs.

Fawzat Saed, Forward Sr. Madera

Saed was the most consistent players for the Coyotes. He used the COVID quarantine to work on his game. Previously used as just a player in the middle, Saed moved his game to the outside. This season, not only was he a force on the inside, but he could hit the mid-range jumper and hit the 3-point, as well as clean up on the boards. He was a County/Metro Athletic Conference honorable mention.

Kevin Bedejo, Guard Sr. Madera

Bedejo had the ball in his hands most of the time. He used his driving ability to get open shots and layups. He started to hit the mid-range jumper and extend to the 3-point line. However, his bread-and-butter was to drive to the lane for a bucket.

Jojo Galvan, Center Jr. Madera South

Galvan was almost like Saed. He could also hit the 3-pointer, but most of his work was done near the basket. He will be counted on to carry the Stallions next season. He will be a force inside and outside next season, but also had a good 2021. He was a CMAC honorable mention.

Jessie Ford, Forward Sr. Madera South

Ford was one of those athletes that can play basketball. Ford could jump out of the gym and outjump anyone for a rebound. His smooth play could be seen near the basket battling for rebounds or offensive put backs.



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