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Progress made in Creek Fire

Cal Fire reported 18 percent containment of the Creek Fire, which is become one of the largest fires in California history.

As reported by Cal Fire on Thursday, the fire has burned 244,746 acres, about 32,000 since Monday’s report. The 12-day fire was 10 percent contained on Monday.

Crews are working against the weather, again, in the Central Valley, according to Cal Fire. Dry air and increased winds is making it hard for crews to make progress. There is more fire growth along the north and northeastern flanks of the fire. Containment lines on the west flank were extended north from Cascadel Woods to just south of Peckinpah Meadow. Extension of the lines has kept the containment at 18 percent despite the fire spread.

Low humidity levels continue with upsloped winds are expected over the weekend.

Preparations continue for the community of Mammoth Lakes as winds push the Creek Fire to the northeast. Management Action Points (MAPs) have been established as virtual lines on the map in relation to fire location. If the fire crosses any of these MAPs, emergency dfficials will enact appropriate actions to protect life and property. All concerned in this specific region can visit the Sierra National Forest Facebook page, or use the following for information

The south zone of the Creek Fire may see growth with increased winds. As a result, the operational priorities and objectives will focus on protecting at risk communities and infrastructure in the areas most likely to see fire growth.

The smoke layer is lifting in the next few days and it will allow air assets to assist with the fire attack. However, if the predicted winds develop this could result in increased fire activity, spotting, and spread into areas where the alignment of topography and weather are a potential. For this reason, direct attack, direct line construction, and active mop-up of all areas in the South Zone are prioritized for resources assigned on the fireline.

Crews assigned to the eastern perimeter are working to construct new fireline and improve existing fireline. Utilizing built and natural barriers, such as roads and existing topographical features, personnel are strengthening the line around the Rock Creek and Bald Mountain. Work progresses around China Peak to fully establish containment lines. Near and around Shaver Lake, structure protection is the operational priority as line south of the area is being constructed. If the fire moves east and north from the southernmost portion of the fire into Blue Canyon towards the threatened communities around Bretz Hill Road, additional structure damage could be realized. Additionally, direct attack of open flame and aggressive mop-up continue in this area, and all areas around communities on the fire.

Road closure updates can be found on the Madera Sheriff’s Facebook page.

Animal evacuation centers can be found at the Oakhurst Community Center for small animals. Large animals can be found at Producer’s Livestock Facility near the Madera Farm Bureau.

An additional 50 more structures (62) were damaged from Monday’s report. Also, 744 structures have been destroyed (an increase from 369 on Monday).

More than 300 more personnel have been assigned to the Creek Fire from Monday’s total, including 13 more crews. In total, there are 2,878 people fighting the fires from 42 crews.

In addition, there are 18 helicopters, 263 engines, 76 dozers and 65 water tenders assigned to the fire.

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