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Driver crashes into house, detained for alleged DUI

For The Madera Tribune

Police arrested Alejandro Franco Ortiz, 30, of Madera on charges of DUI after he lost control of a car and crashed into a backyard near Noreen Way late Friday night. Residents who were celebrating a family birthday in the yard were shocked but not injured.


A unlicensed driver suspected to be four times the legal limit for alcohol lost control of a car, collided with a parked car and crashed through a fence into a backyard near Noreen Way, where residents were celebrating a family birthday party.

Police arrested 30-year-old Alejandro Franco Ortiz of Madera at the scene late Friday night. He faces charges of DUI and for driving without a drivers license.

It is believed that Ortiz was eastbound on Ashlan Way when he failed to make the turn.

Officers said it was fortunate none of the residents in the backyard were struck or injured as the car came flying through the fence.


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