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Letter: On the constitution, and prayer

The constitution is a document that establishes how our government is supposed run. We are having severe challenges now for a constitution that will have factions in it to serve small groups, so they can do as they wish.

NO! This is not possible for us to maintain law and order. Federal law is not a religion. Perhaps this is why the founders brought up separation of church and state. Look at all the religions! Everyone has different rules and each believes they are right!

Even in my one church, there are different interpretations of the Bible. Even different Bibles! I was brought up with the King James version. To me, this is the true version.

I was reading a publication the other day (The Upper Room). In it was the Lord’s Prayer. Didn’t recognize it as I knew it, but was surprised to see it referenced KJV! Not possible. Went to our KJV Bible and looked up Luke 11: 2-4.

Surprise. It was not the Lord’s Prayer I have used for 75 years.

There are many Bible versions: KJV, NIV, CEB, ASV, TCNT, NRSV, which I call “Not Really Scripture and Verse.”

So which do you choose? These are up to you. Which ever gives you comfort and peace.

The constitution has to be the “law of the land,” by which we all abide. Sure, some changes need to come, but not tearing it up like some want to do.

So where did I get the Lord’s Prayer that I use? I looked it up on the Internet.

There it was on Wikipedia, but with no reference. There was no internet 75 years ago. No Wikipedia. Maybe Wikipedia got it from my Mom. I think that may be true.

So things are different in the Bible and in each house of worship. Do we destroy all but one?

No. The Church of England wanted it that way, which is why we have this constitution, and why WE are here. You can cross the street and find a new church, but for a different constitution, you may have to go farther.

I wish you well in your search. Don’t know ya, so I won’t miss ya. God bless America. Let her stand as one nation under God.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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