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Letter: What about Madera County? Open or closed

I hear what other states are doing or not doing and the same with other counties but I hear nothing about our county. Kings County has just opened up all businesses, the city of Atwater in Merced County has decided to make their city a sanctuary city for businesses. Gov. Nuisance can make our state a sanctuary for illegal aliens, so why not? Have you noticed that Republican run states are opening faster than Democrat-run states?

Why do you suppose that is? Our governor is dragging his feet as much as he possibly can. I think the business owners in our county could do just as good a job opening up and following the safety protocols as well as the ones who have remained open and never had to close. They do not seem to be having any problem.

The state of Georgia was the first state to open up and that governor took a lot of criticism but it has been over two weeks and I have heard of no catastrophes there.

By listening to the news, you would think nobody dies of anything anymore, other than COVID-19. I think, in actuality, some of these people were dying of other illnesses, but I understand that counties, doctors, or whoever, get more money if they attribute the death to this virus instead of what actually killed them.

The democrats in Congress now want another 3 TRILLION dollars spent on many things other than those attributable to this virus. Our governor had plenty of money in his budget when he freely gave taxpayer money to illegal aliens in our state, but now he is asking the CHP to help defray his giveaway by taking a 10 percent pay cut. Makes no sense to me.

I would like to see a Madera County Supervisor or City Councilmember start making some noise about getting our county fully back to business as one councilman in Fresno is making his voice heard.

— Frank Bradford,


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