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Letter: Dear Arnoldo and Councilmembers:

There is an interesting article regarding LA’s pension contributions. This is where Madera is headed if you don’t get a handle on the PERS issue soon.

Madera’s problem was created by past councils, but you now own it. Time to have that uncomfortable discussion and take action. To address this issue may be the end of your political careers when your employees mount a campaign against you, but will save the city from financial disaster.

Have the courage to face this head on rather than wait for the train wreck. The current crisis is a perfect time to call for increased employee contributions and the move to a defined contribution program.

The demise of the City of Madera will be on your hands if you don’t take action now!

It may also be time to let the citizens of Madera know what they are in for with reduced services, lack of infrastructure repair and maintenance, and increased fees for everything so that they will support the move to a defined contribution plan.

Be courageous!

— Michael Pistoresi,


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