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Pancakes help to fund Howard School 4-H activities

Tami Jo Nix/The Madera Tribune

The extended Garrison family around the table, clockwise from lower left, Maryann and Allen Crosson, Kevin Speelmon, Aaron Chambers, Frances and daughter-in-law Paula Garrison enjoy their annual Super Bowl Breakfast on Sunday.


In the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, while the championship dreams of 49er and Kansas City fans were all still alive a local group prepared a morning feast. Joe Van Alen Hall at the Madera District Fair grounds drew a crowd of parents for the Howard School club’s Super Bowl Sunday pancake breakfast. The year’s annual event was coordinated by Joanne Ylaureggui. They typically plan for 400 with tickets pre-sold and available at the door

The members and parents prepared and served gallons of pancake batter, grilled pounds of Farmer John’s sausage links and scrambled dozens of eggs. The secret ingredient to making light and fluffy scrambled eggs is the addition of white sauce to the egg mixture.

While the adults did the cooking, the members took orders, served meals and bussed tables. Cups of coffee, glasses of orange juice and milk were served as the diners waited for their meals.

The club has held this fundraiser for more than 30 years with some of the adult workers being second and even third generation 4H members.

A door prize chance with every ticket included a Super Bowl party basket containing snacks, treats and gift cards coordinated by member Chase Cosyns.

The group is always especially thankful to the folks who help clean up. There were some people who spent the whole morning washing dishes.

The club typically raises $1,300, which is used for supplies and materials for 4H projects. All the work was finished and the banquet hall returned to its original condition by early afternoon, finished long before kick-off.

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