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Letter: Writer reminds others to ‘do the right thing’

Today I was proud to see the six charging stations at our Madera Walmart. I actually snapped a photo and sent it to my son, who works for a renewable energy company in New York City (Lend Lease — who built the 9/11 Memorial museum and building).

I saw someone pull up to one of the charging stations after placing my groceries in my trunk, and was about to ask him about the technique, when he actually walked away from his BMW which was NOT an electric, nor hybrid vehicle.

I was shocked and considered saying something about his lack of accountability. I wondered if Walmart has security cameras at the charging stations — if they could issue a citation or even have the vehicle towed.

Since I am a senior woman at the Walmart after dark without my husband, I decided to address this infraction in this fashion — vowing to discuss this incident to the manager of Walmart in Madera on my next visit.

There is a “No parking unless using the charging station” sign clearly posted, which I suspect this less than honorable driver saw. Perhaps the sign should have the C.S. Lewis Quote: “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

— Claudia Zonsius,


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