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Letter: Ukraine doesn’t have that kind of cash

Today’s hearings (11-21-2019) heard testimony from a Mr. Holmes. This man, with his smirks, strikes me as a snake. Right there with Mr. Schniff.

The only crimes I see so far with this whole Ukraine situation, is the Bidens, and Sonland. Bidens, for sure, pocketed millions of our money. Ukraine doesn’t have that kind of cash. Must be stolen from our foreign aid!

Trump is trying to stop this corruption, and withholding aid is a good tool. Just like withholding your child’s allowance until their behavior is acceptable.

Mr. Holmes said he heard a conversation between Sonland and the President. This phone call was made in a public place, a restaurant outdoor patio from an unsecured cell phone! How could Sonland be so careless? Football Coaches show a higher level of security when calling in plays! These are punishable offenses.

Another bit of testimony was about the corruption in Ukraine as opposed to N. Korea, in Trump’s eyes. Mr. Holmes said it doesn’t fare well with Ukraine. This is Holmes’ personal opinion.

N. Korea does not receive aid from the United States.

Corruption there is the problem of Russia and China.

This is how I see it.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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