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Gallegos wins in District 1

City Councilwoman CeCe Gallegos, who represents district 1, defeated challenger Steve Salter in last Tuesday night’s election. The vote was 1,355 to 677.

Gallegos, a lifelong teacher and force behind investigating city issues, said the efforts and election had all been challenging, but worth it.

“With teaching full time, sitting on (the City) Council and other boards, and then campaigning all at the same time, wow,” she said.

Gallegos said she had found her voice when she repeatedly advocated for residents and rocked the boat — investigating and bringing to light major problems and operational deficiencies at the city sewer plant, and challenged the study methods used in determining compensation for city employees, along with participating in the selection process for the new city manager, and demanding transparency and change in those methods.

Gallegos said she was excited and looking forward to working with newly elected council members Santos Garcia and Steve Montes.

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