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Voter tells why his choice is Sally Moreno

Have you ever heard the saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same?”

I cannot think of a more appropriate saying for our local district attorney race. That is why I am voting for Sally Orme Moreno for district attorney because I want real change.

For months we have read and heard in the community how our district attorney’s office needs to change. That was clearly stated by the outcome of the primary election with the clear rejection of the incumbent district attorney.

To me the choice is clear. We can vote for someone who is an insider who was hired by the current district attorney and sat idly by while the office decayed or we can elect someone who can bring real change. That someone is Sally Orme Moreno.

Sally has 20 years of experience as a prosecutor. While serving in Madera County she handled some of the most heinous crimes in our community, including arsons, sexual assaults and homicides.

Her work in other surrounding San Joaquin Valley counties will bring us a level of expertise the DA’s office hasn’t seen e.g., like handling body camera evidence for the conviction of a criminal.

Sally Orme Moreno is the most qualified candidate for district attorney. More than that, she will bring the much-needed change and expertise our District Attorney’s office requires.

That is why I am voting for Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney. I hope you will too!

— Shafi Ur Rahman, MD,


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