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An attorney says Moreno best pick

I support and am voting for Sally Moreno to be our next Madera County district attorney and ask all that want to see a safer Madera County consider doing the same.

I had worked and/or lived in the city or county of Madera for the vast majority of the past 42 years, 28 of those as an attorney regularly present in the Madera courts.

I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Sally in a professional capacity for the last 10 years, including a number of the years she worked in the Madera DA’s office.

Sally is a warm person of high character and the utmost integrity, yet a tough, hard-working and no-nonsense prosecutor. I have personally worked with her and found her to be an aggressive advocate for victims of domestic violence — including sexual assault — and I know she will focus the efforts of the Madera County District Attorney’s office on protecting our community and seeking justice for all those who are victims of crimes without injecting politics or favoritism into the process.

She knows that as the district attorney she would work for all of us, and will do whatever she can to make Madera County a better and safer place for all.

There is no better choice or person to be our next district attorney and she has my vote.

— Russ Ryan


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