Davie sisters attack Coyote opponents

Tyler Takeda/The Madera Tribune Sisters Jade (11) and Trinity (2) Davie are enjoying playing on the same team for the first time for the Coyotes.


For the first time, Madera Coyotes girls volleyball senior Trinity Davie gets to play with her sister, Jade, a sophomore, and couldn’t be happier.

“It’s amazing,” Trinity said. “When I was her age, as a sophomore, I never would have thought I would have made varsity. This was our goal to play my last year on varsity and her first year on varsity. It’s awesome.”

As with most siblings, Jade enjoys the advice she gets from her sister, most of the time.

“On some days, it’s good,” she said. “If I think I’m doing bad, she’s there to pick me up. It’s just nice to have someone I know that I’m close to. I can look to her if I have any questions.”

At home, the pair feel like they are regular siblings that talk with each other and argue with each other.

“We’re siblings,” Jade said. “I feel like what siblings don’t argue. When we’re on the court, we’re together. When we go home, we’re siblings. The arguments are not on the court, but at home.”

“When we get home, I’ll tell her I’m better,” Trinity said. “If we have a problem on the court, we’ll keep it to the back of our mind and cool off, then when we get home, we’re at it.”

With the league season starting, the sisters are enjoying their only year with each other on the same team.

“I love it,” Trinity said. “I love that she’s a setter. It’s the coolest thing when she sets it and I smash it. It’s the Davie girls. I tell her to set me more. She doesn’t get any special treatment because she’s my sister. I expect more sets from her.”

“She’s always yelling at me for more sets,” Jade said.

The Davie sisters will try to help the Coyotes defend its County/Metro Athletic Conference championship from last season.

“I feel like we’re entitled to do really well this year because of last year,” Trinity said. “We have big shoes to fill. Because I have been playing with these girls since middle school, it’s going to be a good season, especially with my sister. It’s going to be harder with the target on our backs.”