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Nature supplies plenty of daylight time

You may have noticed the days are getting longer as January wends its way through the early weeks of this year, and that should tell you one thing:

Daylight Saving Time is totally unneeded. Once we make it to March, the days will be about as long as the nights, and that should be just fine for everybody, even imbeciles who think having more daylight is worth the inconvenience of having to set one’s clocks forward and lose an entire hour of sleep. It’s hard enough to get sleep without having to throw an hour of it away.

Besides, there is this invention that makes it unnecessary. It is called the electric light bulb. If you are unfamiliar with electric light bulbs, and are one of those who find it a fun game to make your fellow humans throw away their sleep instead of turning on the lights, so be it. But I can tell you, electric light is here to stay, and as long as it is here to stay, there’s no need to interrupt our circadian rhythms.

The doctors say that if you interrupt your circadian rhythms too often, you will lose the ability to dance except in the dark.

(Actually, I believe my inability to dance is due to having two left feet, but it isn’t helped when someone interrupts my circadian rhythm).

Some say it helps us enjoy the great outdoors to have another hour of daylight, but I’m not sure that is true. Perhaps these people haven’t heard of outdoor lighting, which can be used to light football fields, streets, sidewalks and patios. Outdoor lighting also works for parking lots and parks. Outdoor concerts are favored by outdoor lighting, so I’ve noticed.

Now, some people may not know about outdoor lighting, so these people should find the switches that turn the outdoor lights on. Or, they should frequent places where the outdoor lighting comes on when people who know where the switches are flip them.

Now, I know I told you I favor longer days, but only to the extent that such days are natural. When they start getting longer because some idiot has suggested we all set our clocks forward, that becomes a need that could go unfilled, because I would just as soon get the sleep my body wants as stand around with the sun in my eyes an extra hour.

States and countries that do not observe Daylight Saving Time are of the opinion that Americans are numbskulls when it comes to this practice. I once lived in Arizona, which does not practice DST, and I can tell you I never heard anyone complain. In fact, when a politician had the temerity to suggest establishing Daylight Saving Time in the Grand Canyon State, that politician would find himself or herself being thrown over the edge of that very canyon. It would be done at night, so the deed would not attract too much attention.

Enjoy the lengthening days as nature made them.

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