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We can’t afford a tax cut? Baloney!

Democrats, bureaucrats and too many politicians seem to inherently believe that people are better served by giving their hard earned money to the government so they can fund studies of a shrimp on a treadmill than by keeping it and spending as citizens see fit! The whining, lying and obfuscation begin, predictably, with any discussion of a tax cut of any kind. Those with political agendas say “shut up and listen, we know better than you.”

President Trump has offered the American people a tax reduction plan that, when implemented, has proved under previous presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to provide strong economic growth. It just makes sense that when Americans have greater control over their hard earned money that they will make better use of it than the government.

The campaign against Trump has already begun with envy and divisiveness being ginned up through misinformation and outright lies. Washington will now unleash the misinformation of class envy.

“The rich will benefit more, in terms of real dollars, than the middle class.” I’m sure they will because there is more money at stake on their behalf. As a general rule, the wealthier in this country are job generators. I’ve never received a check, nor worked for, a poor man.

Why should I be goaded into feeling envy for those who are more successful. If I recall correctly, envy is, and has always been, one of the seven deadly sins. Envy is truly an ugly emotion.

Do not allow those who strive to manipulate one’s emotions to use it against your better judgment. Your government, as a general rule, is fully entitled to the financial support but not when it’s as bloated and wasteful as it is at this very moment.

Burgeoning government unions and “deep state” employees have joined forces to ensure that Washington, D.C. Remains one of the wealthiest areas in the entire country. Just how strong that statement is become readily apparent when one realizes that basically nothing emanates from there that doesn’t seem to exert greater control over the daily lives of the American population Their Ivy League educations do not make them the smartest among us — especially when they deliver such stupidity.

A slow shuffle toward socialism in the United States over the past couple of decades was accelerated during the past two presidential terms. One cannot blame Democrats for that slime-lined trail alone.

This changing of the guard at the White House has succinctly pointed out that there are a number of our Republican legislators who share in the blame for the situation in which we find ourselves. Sadly, the president’s tax proposal to provide a helping hand to the hardest working Americans can’t even be assured support from his own party under these conditions.

There are plenty of cuts that can be made in government when those people say they can’t afford a tax cut. Begin with bloated staffing of departments that perform redundant services. Entire departments, in my opinion, can and should be eliminated. Begin with Education and Energy. Education is a local issue, not a federal one — never should have been one. Take a look at how little the Departments of Education and Energy have accomplished and at what costs during their 40-plus years.

Cut waste and fraud from our governmentally funded health care plans. Stop sending tax refunds to people who paid no tax in the first place. Don’t tell me that our government is not rife with waste and mismanagement! We, the taxpayers, are being asked to support the status quo because our government says it “can’t afford a tax cut.” Baloney! We tighten our belts every day, week and month just to remain above water. Why shouldn’t our public officials, who are dramatically overpaid, be expected to do the same thing?

The money that everyone is talking about was our money first and we deserve to have a government which is a better caretaker of our financial well being — or, just get the hell out of the way!

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.


Fred Hall is publisher of the Sanger Herald and other newspapers of the Mid Valley Publishing group.


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