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Inside the Game: Liberty Hawks 67, Corcoran Panthers 19

Player of the game: With such domination through the whole game, it’s tough to pick just one player. The team gained 500 yards of total offense. It could have been more, but the Hawks started a drive in Corcoran territory just four times and scored on all 11 possessions. Seven running backs combined for 359 yards rushing and averaged 15.6 yards per carry. Meanwhile, Greyson Hoelzel was 7-of-9 for 140 yards while five different players had receptions, including six with their first of the season. The Hawks averaged 15 yards per play and scored six touchdowns from 20 or more yards away.

Unsung hero of the game: William Bucaroff is a silent player for the Liberty defense filled with standouts. He tied for a team high of nine tackles with 1.5 tackles for loss and a quarterback sack. Four of Bucaroff’s tackles came on kickoffs while helping limit Corcoran to 82 yards on eight returns. Because of Liberty’s kickoff team, Corcoran’s average drive start was at their own 27-yard line. Meanwhile, Liberty’s average start was at their own 49-yard line.

Play of the game: The Corcoran Panthers tried an onside kick to open the game. However, they were called for touching the ball before it went 10 yards and Liberty opened the game at midfield. However, on film, Corcoran touched the ball after 13 yards and should have been giving possession. With the first play, Kaleb Roth went around the right side through a wide open hole. He accelerated through the hole, cut to his left and outran the Panthers defense for a touchdown 12 seconds into the game.

Drive of the game: Despite sporting a 27-0 lead, Liberty head coach Mike Nolte wanted to work on his passing game, beginning a drive at its own 48-yard line. Hoelzel hit Jarred Castaneda for a five-yard gain. After a pass to Colton Cardoza for a yard, Roth got the first down with a nine-yard gain. Hoelzel then hit Jacob Castaneda for a 13-yard gain to the 20-yard line. After a penalty and an incomplete pass, Wyatt Roth carried for eight yards. Hoelzel completed the drive with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Bradley Moon, who caught the ball at the three and ran it into the end zone. On the possession before, Moon caught a 43-yard touchdown pass and looked to have gone into the end zone, but the ball was spotted at the one.


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