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Editor's Corner: Despite critics, Trump moves along

President Trump is getting a lot of criticism from liberal media over the latest so-called “scandal” — an attempt to make it seem as though he was somehow using Russian influence to help him win the November election.

An investigation under the direction of former FBI director Robert Mueller supposedly will tell us what this is all about.

We can’t wait.

Meanwhile, this investigation is going on in Washington, D.C., where 96 percent of registered voters are Democrats. Make of that what you will.

But ask yourself this question: Can you make a list from memory of all the other scandals in which Trump is supposed to have been involved? Probably not. They meant nothing except to the media that were trying to make stories out of them.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration has appointed more federal judges, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, than any president since Harry Truman; unemployment has dropped; the stock market is at a historical high; the flow of illegal immigration into the United States has continued to slow without any new walls being built; so-called sanctuary cities are being challenged for their breaking of the law instead of being encouraged to be lawbreakers as they were by the previous administration; border security has been beefed up by the recruitment and training of thousands of new agents; the American military is being expanded and strengthened instead of reduced as it was in the prior administration; and the federal budget is operating at a surplus.

Here’s something that may be investigated by Mueller — all those Americans who have spent time talking to Russians about everything under the sun. They are called journalists. What they learn is widely reported. If Mueller would subscribe to a clipping service and spend a couple of weeks reading what those journalists have written and watching what they have broadcast, he might not have to spend millions of our money on an investigation.


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