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Taking a look at the Trump transition

Is anybody else still trying to pick their jaw up off the floor over our new president-elect? While not happy about her, I was convinced that Mrs. Clinton would win Tuesday’s election.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall when she realized her hopes and dreams were circling the drain. When do you suppose she got the news? I once worked on a congressional race and the candidate knew he lost 10 days before the election. And this was before the Internet.

I certainly hope Mr. Trump is equal to the task of being president. The White House is not a television studio when the director calls cut and the star of the show can re-record his segment.

And what about the crowds who took to the streets to protest the Trump victory? How many of those people are unemployed? I’m not asking the question in an effort to cast aspersions on the protestors. But, people who need to be at work tomorrow typically don’t have a lot of time for protest marches.

According to USA, thousands of people took part in protests some carrying signs reading, “Not My President.”

USA Today also posted that on college campuses administrators postponed exams and created “safe spaces,” and cups of tea for students and others who feel afraid for their safety because Trump won the election.

When did Americans become such cry-baby lightweights? Why are institutes of higher education promoting this type of behavior? Yeah, okay this time I am casting aspersions. Remember how the pundits jumped all over the Trump campaign when he said the election might be rigged? Did he figure out how to rig the election, and is that how he won?

The History Channel aired an interesting hour-long program last Sunday. The premise of the program stated the prophet Nostradamus predicted the 2016 election. The show said there would be a “masculine woman’s” rise to power only to be thwarted by a Trumpet. There are also writings referring to the blond and about the queen’s unsigned letters.

My favorite commentator on the program was John Hogue, credited as a Nostradamus scholar. He dressed like the drawings we’ve seen of the prophet, complete with beard, hat and robes.

Does it require the apparel in order for one to be a serious student of the prophet? My spells always go better when I wear my Hogwarts’ robes.

Leave it to the Facebook devotees to hold onto the hope that Clinton might still have a chance to get the electoral college votes necessary to win the election.

Trump met with president Obama for 90 minutes Thursday and emerged from the meeting saying Obama is a good man. Before the meeting Trump reportedly said they would have a 10 or 15 minute meeting. How did that conversation go? Do you suppose the president showed Trump photos of what is in Hanger 18? Did he explain why it is necessary for him to pardon his former secretary of state if Trump persists in prosecuting Clinton?

What did the president say that took the wind out of the Donald’s sails? If I can use yet another cliché “Hey uncle Don, this stuff just got real!”

The shift of power will be interesting to watch. At some point the protestors are going to get tired of marching and go home. I read that Trump will need to hire 4,000 political appointees. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are part of his transition team.

Trump might not be politics as usual but Giuliani and Christie are political animals. Trump is going to need all the help he can get.

Have a great weekend.

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