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Hannah Demeter

4-H has a lot of projects to shoose from. You can choose a project that is right for you. You can learn and have fun doing it, says Hannah Demeter of Alview-Dairyland 4-H.

One project you can choose is sheep. The sheep project is more than showing and selling. In sheep, you learn how to hold and brace your sheep. You learn how to halter your sheep. You learn what to feed your sheep and how much to feed. You also have to make sure your sheep has plenty of fresh water.

You learn the different types of feed and all the equipment that is used to raise a healthy and good looking sheep. You can go to the expo and earn medals on the sheep test.

At the fair, you show your lamb in his or her weight class and you have showmanship in which you show how well you can show your sheep.

There are times when you might go on a field trip with your sheep group. The Alview-Dairyland sheep group went to golden Valley Farms. The group learned that sheep are not used just for their meat and wool. They learned that sheep are also used for their milk.

Cheese is made from the sheep milk. The group learned that sheep milk and cheese is good for you when you have cancer. So, pretty much, you learn responsibility and how to take care of an animal.

Most important is you have fun doing it. 4-H is a good thing to have for kids ages 7-18.

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