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The lineup for the November election is set

The Republicans and Democrats have packed up their balloons. The parties have chosen the candidates for the presidential election. I can hear announcer Michael Buffer in my head announcing the lineup followed with his catch-phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

In this corner we have Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence and in this corner we have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine.

Rich Uncle Pennybags from the Monopoly game vs a former First Lady of the United States. It sounds like the punch line from a joke that is no longer funny. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” indeed.

The feminist in me is impressed that I have lived long enough to see a female candidate representing a major party for POTUS. The rest of me wishes it was someone other than “Liar, liar, pantsuits on fire!”

If she is elected president will that make Bill Clinton the First Gentleman? His reputation as a philander makes using the term gentleman seems like the largest oxymoron ever.

Having watched the drama of the primaries and caucuses unfold in the last seven months I never believed the political establishment would allow Trump or Clinton would capture the nominations of their parties.

I have been predicting that just before the convention there would be revelations of scandals too big to ignore that would cost the Donald the nomination of his party. I realize the transgression needed to be something really big and heinous like cannibalism or human trafficking.

Since multiple marriages, questionable financial transactions and inappropriate speeches haven’t tarnished his reputation enough to deny him the nomination I guess his campaign will move forward.

As for Clinton she too seems to be covered in a kind of political Teflon that has allowed all the scandals that should have derailed her candidacy to not matter to the delegates.

Her recent television commercials outline how she championed causes to benefit children’s issues. If anything will gather votes from the population, being an advocate for kids is a smart issue to focus on. On the subject of children most people have a soft spot that is easy to manipulate. Otherwise smart people lose their minds when there is a baby in room. I am not one of those people.

As for Trump he is like a dog with a bone about immigration reform. His idea for a wall between the United States and Mexico makes for great television. Unless the wall has armed guards ready to shoot anyone who breeches the perimeter it will have little success in keeping people determined to enter this country out.

The worst part of both candidates is how this election cycle affects how the rest of the world views America. As proud as I am of being an American this election makes us look like idiots on the world stage.

Trump has made promises about the things he will do on his very first day as POTUS. He is in for a big surprise when he realizes how little ultimate power resides in the Oval Office. I would love to see the look on his face when he first realizes that the view from the top looking down is so much different than the point of view looking up.

Clinton has seen that view even though she was sitting in what could be considered the nose-bleed seats offered to the First Lady.

I have vivid memories of the inauguration of the 42nd president. I watch the parade and the proceeding on television at work in the law firm of Lester J. Gendron. I was naive and honestly believed that Bill Clinton would be the JFK of my generation. That turned out to be somewhat true, just not in the way I hoped.

The other thing I remember from that day was the goofy blue hat the new FLOTUS wore.

Since I look ridiculous in hats and I feared her chapeau would start a fashion trend of women in silly hats. I wasn’t wrong. Have a great weekend.

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