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Nashville and Dad’s Day rant

My trip to Nashville to see my family and listen to a talk by Stephen King was awesome. He was charming, funny and informative. I had a special moment during his talk. He bragged on his son Joe Hill’s New York Times No. 1 bestselling book “The Fireman.” Everyone was applauding and I yelled “It’s awesome!” He pointed in my direction and said, “I’ll tell him you said so!” Brilliant.

I tried to get an interview with Mr. King through his publicist and his assistant. I sent a list of questions, but was told he had no time to do this. I responded to the email and asked if anytime he can get to it I would love to have him answer my questions.

I’m in Reno today to see him at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. One of only 400 there and each of us get to buy an autographed copy of his latest book “End of Watch.” That will exhaust my summer vacation budget. So worth it!

I saw something in the airplane lavatory that should be in every public restroom. A small sign by the mirror read, “For the courtesy of others please wipe down the basin after each use.” If one in 10 people did that imagine how much difference it would make. Making and selling these signs sounds like a million-dollar idea to me...

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