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Great grills! It’s almost Dad’s Day

Well, here we go headed into summer, what with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday. I know I am not being very creative by suggesting some barbecue recipes with which to celebrate dad’s special day, but it can’t be denied that outdoor grilling is by far the most popular choice.

My own dad passed away back in 1980, but he was the family “barbecue king” and to this day I continue to use his signature sauce for steaks, chicken and garlic bread. I can share that with you even though I don’t have any measurements: Butter, crushed or minced fresh garlic, a little olive oil, chopped parsley and fresh rosemary, tiny bit of tomato sauce and a splash of white wine. Simmer it all until the garlic is tender.

When this mixture simmers, the aroma makes you so hungry. I often have to dip a chunk of crusty French bread into the sauce as it cooks.

In honor of dads everywhere, especially the hungry ones, here are some recipes to consider if you are planning a barbecue for Father’s Day...

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