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Putting on pants one leg at a time

The English language is full of many expressions or idioms, which makes learning English fairly difficult, or so I have heard. Since I was born and raised in the “deep South,” I have lots of expressions I use that cause others to grin. At a later time, I will write a column on expressions. There are so many little phrases and idioms we use, even in the Golden State of California, and writing an article of this type would take me a long time to write, and it would probably be a very long article.

My best friend, Jina, who passed away five years ago, was from Indonesia. She came to the United States when she was in her 30s, and when she passed away in her mid-60’s, she was still struggling with some of the phrases we use here. One of the expressions she had a problem understanding was the term “slam dunk.” Truthfully, I have a problem with that term, too. I tried to explain it to her, but got confused myself.

I have had an expression on my mind now for several weeks, and it keeps popping up in my head. The term is “putting on your pants one leg at a time.” This term is used to describe someone who seems to think he/she is a little better than others, or who others think they “can do no wrong.” (See? We can’t even explain something without using an expression.)



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