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Hernandez wins Rotary speech contest

For The Madera Tribune

Isaiah Hernandez entered and won the Madera Rotary speech contest on January 30. His topic was ““How does Rotary create hope in the world?” He will continue to the District Speech contest on February 21.


The Madera Rotary Club held a speech contest at its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 30. There was only one contestant, Isaiah Hernandez, from Juvenile Hall’s Endeavor/Voyager Secondary School.

The contest was introduced by Rotarian Bobby Carter, and Alice Carter gave the instructions to Rotarian judges Candy Talley, Karen Mitchell, and Bert Roper, and to Rotarian timekeeper, Velvet Rhoads. The speech was to be five minutes long. This year’s topic was “How does Rotary create hope in the world?”

Hernandez began his speech with a compliment to Rotary saying, “Rotary creates hope by selfless care and concern for the people of the world.” 


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