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Chowchilla makes changes in PD

Katrina Soliz/The Madera Tribune

New Chowchilla Chief of Police Jeffrey Palmer is pinned by his wife, Diana Palmer, after being sworn into his office.


Palmer takes Oath of Office as Chowchilla Police Chief

Jeffrey Palmer became the new Chowchilla Chief of Police at his swearing-in ceremony at the Chowchilla City Council meeting in January.

Retired police chief, David A. Riviere, Jr., administered the Oath of Office, and Palmer’s wife, Diana, pinned the new Chief of Police on January 10.

Palmer served in the United States Marine Corps, and has served as a police officer with the Chowchilla Police Department for 24 years.

He began his career in law enforcement in Chowchilla after Palmer and his wife, Diana, moved to Chowchilla in 1998. They have remained in Chowchilla and raised their two sons in the same community.

During his 24 years as an officer, Palmer has served in many positions, including SWAT, Range Master, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commander. He has been honored for his dedication to Chowchilla and his talents as a law and peace officer.

Chowchilla says farewell to former police chief

David A. Riviere Jr. was recognized by the Chowchilla City Council for his many years of service to the city of Chowchilla, and for his dedication to the community.

He has been well-respected among the residents of Chowchilla, the City Council, other leaders in the community, his mentors, as well as the Chowchilla Police Department said a statement from the City Council during its meeting on January 10. Riviere received a plaque from the City of Chowchilla for his service.

Riviere served in the United States Air Force before starting his law enforcement career in January of 1991 as a correctional officer at the Madera County Department of Corrections. While he was still working at the jail, he began working for the Chowchilla Police Department as a reserve police officer. He went to the police academy and was offered a full-time job as a police officer after his graduation.

After serving for three years for the Merced Police Department, Reviere returned to Chowchilla, and Chief Jay Varney hired him as a police officer for the Chowchilla Police Department.

Chief Varney mentored Reviere, and then, 10 years later, Reviere was promoted to the Chief of Police when Varney became Sheriff in 2014.

Reviere has served in law enforcement for 32 years, and has held positions as patrol officer, investigations, hostage negotiations, bike patrol, gang investigations, and as a school resource officer.

At the Chowchilla City Council meeting, the retired Police Chief was recognized for his years in law enforcement and for the respect he has earned from his peers and from the ones who have paved the way for him.



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