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Book Talk: Sandra Brown, ‘Chill Factor’

Over the past 43 years, Sandra Brown has written 60 novels, all of which seem to be in the Romantic/Suspense, Mystery, and Thriller genre, if such a category exists. However they may be classified, they are wildly popular. More than 80 million of her books are in print worldwide, and they have been translated into at least 30 languages.

Chill Factor (2005, 534 pages in paperback format) features Lilly Martin, a strong and adventurous woman who is in the process of ending a turbulent marriage to Dutch Brown. The novel is set in Cleary, North Carolina, where Dutch is the Chief of Police. Although Dutch keeps trying to win Lilly back, the end of the partnership is finalized when they finally sell their mountain cabin. Dutch is the first to head back to town, while Lilly takes care of the last few details.

However, after Dutch departs, the mountain storm becomes much worse. Emotionally exhausted by Dutch’s attempts at reconciliation, Lilly falls asleep in the cabin when she really should be driving down the mountain. When she awakes, the storm is brutal, and navigating the winding mountain road is treacherous. As she rounds a bend, a hiker steps onto the road, and she hits him.


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