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541 graduate Madera Community College

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera Community College graduates prepare for the 2023 commencement ceremony on May 19.


Madera Community College; Madera Community College presented diplomas, degrees and certificates of achievement to 541 students during commencement ceremonies on May 19.

Associate of Arts degrees (Major)

Alyssa Georgette Gutierrez (Liberal Studies); Carlos Daniel Ballesteros(Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences); Liliana Echevarria (Liberal Studies); Roxanna Ward (Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences); Vanessa Raquel Hudson (Liberal Studies); Abigail Varela-Rizo (Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences); Alexia Annabel Aguilar (Liberal Studies); Alexis Natalya Navarrete (Communication Studies); Alyssa Christine Ortega (Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences); Alyssa Keana Wilson (Social Science); Andrea Moreno (Liberal Studies); Angel Rodolfo Bernabe (Liberal Studies); Angela Vasquez Carreno (Liberal Studies); Angelica Lopez (Liberal Studies); Angelica Michelle Watkins (Liberal Studies); Antonia Amezcua (Liberal Studies); Ashley Nicole Birge (Liberal Studies);

Bobbi Dawn Cooper (Social Science); Candido Zamora Saucedo (Social Science); Carmen Camacho Lopez (Liberal Studies); Citlally Yamilex Paz (Social Science); Danielle Mercado (Liberal Studies); Elena Magali Sciacqua (Liberal Studies); Eneiyda Valdez Pineda (Social Science); Ethan Luke Perkins (Art: Two-Dimensional); Fermin R. Lujano (Liberal Studies); Ismael Joshua Perez (Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences); Jacqueline Garcia (Social Science); Jannie Gissel Lopez (Liberal Studies); Jaqueline Juarez (Liberal Studies); Jaqueline Juarez (Social Science); Jasmine Escobedo (Liberal Studies); Jasmine Makayla Troncoso (Liberal Studies); Jose R. Baez (Art: Two-Dimensional);



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