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2nd public meetings has more fight

The second round of public hearings for cannabis retail license applicants was met with a bit more opposition from residents during the public comments compared to the first round.

During this public meeting for feedback on August 14 in the Madera City Council chambers, Cali Oz Madera LLC, Lavish West Coast Madera, Shryne Madera LLC (dba Stiiizy Madera), NMG CA 1 LLC (dba Body and Mind) and GFC Central LLC (dba East of Edenn) had their opportunity to sway public favor.

In a less than full room, support for any of the applicants was almost entirely absent. The lack of supportive comments, along with the number of presenters down to four instead of the scheduled 5 (NMG failed to appear as scheduled to give their presentation) made for a significantly shorter evening than the previous week.


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