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Student tests positive for COVID

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

With the current pandemic ongoing, the Madera High stadium remains closed to practice.


Last week, Madera High School was informed that a student/athlete was exposed to the COVID-19 virus by an outside third party.

By inducing protocols within the district, MHS athletics director John Fernandez suspended all scheduled workouts for the athlete of their sport until further notice.

“While away from all athletic workouts, this student/athlete was exposed to the COVID-19 virus by an outside third party,” Fernandez said in a statement released by Madera Unified School District on Thursday. “This exposure led to the individual being tested independently, returning a positive result. The exposure and infection took place away from all school activities and facilities as the athletic program was idle from July 18th- July 26th.”

In accordance to MUSD Athletic Department guidance, Fernandez immediately suspended all scheduled athletic workouts. Students/athletes and parents were immediately informed that all scheduled workouts were suspended until further notification.

“Out of abundance of caution, it is a standard procedure of the Madera Unified Athletic Department to suspend all small pod workout activities when a student has been exposed to COVID-19,” Fernandez said.

However, Fernandez also said that other athletic teams are still able to work out.

“We still have athletic workouts going on,” Fernandez said. “We just suspended that athlete’s sport just as a precautionary measure. We know they are all friends and hang out beyond workouts. We haven’t established a timeframe upon returning. We want the kids to enjoy the rest of the summer as we get ready to being online learning to begin the new school year.”

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