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Madera Center receives accreditation

In a letter received by Madera Community College Center president Angel Reyna, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges has given the Madera Center initial accreditation.

That puts the Madera Center one more step toward becoming an independent junior college.

At its meeting on June 10-12, the ACCJC reviewed reports and materials supplied by MCCC for its application. The commission also made a visit to the center in April and received testimony from some of the school’s officers to make their decision.

The commission announced that the center met the standards for initial accreditation.

“Our college status is nearly official,” Reyna said in a Facebook post. “We need one final step, which will take place July 20 during the Board of Governors meeting, where they will move to formalize us as the 116th community college in the state.”


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