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City holds a ribbon cutting ceremony for new transit center

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera Tribune editor Chuck Doud watches as Mayor Andrew Medellin cuts the ceremonial ribbon on video for the city’s new transit center.


With the City of Madera experiencing a surge in population, so has its need to provide expansive services for safe and reliable transportation. Creating a solution for this increased need has been a top priority for the City’s Transit Division, which has called for a new Madera Metro Transit Center, which played host at a virtual ribbon-cutting on Tuesday.

The transit center is located at 1951 Independence Drive, in the city’s south end.

The transit center project was launched in 2015, after the city secured a PTMISEA (Prop. 1B) grant for $2.2 million, with additional funding of $3.2 million secured through a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant. These grant awards allowed for all design and construction costs to be funded through grant dollars — eliminating the need to pull from the City’s general fund for the project.

The transit center was developed with multiple features to ensure the center could provide years of service. The new center has been recognized by the American Public Works Association for award designation for its Title 24 and ADA design features.

The 3,200-square-foot center provides expanded operations and features such as a dedicated dispatch center; training room/community meeting space; an ADA-accessible lobby and reception area; dedicated office space; indoor and outdoor break areas; storage areas for lost and found; and lockers for transit staff.

The property features secure parking for 35 buses, with built-in infrastructure for future transition into an electric fleet. A bus wash; electrical vehicle charging station infrastructure; and a water recapturing system are just a few of the many amenities prioritized in the new center.

“The new transit center provides added capacity and resources to provide expanded transportation services for our residents,” said City of Madera District 2 Councilman Jose Rodriguez. “I look forward to seeing service flourish, innovate and continue to adequately serve our community for years to come.”

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